Government demands Telstra split 澳大利亞政府敦促Telstra公司
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The Australian government has strengthened its demand for the country's biggest telephone company, Telstra, to break up.


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Telstra's fixed line revenue is dropping

Telstra is being asked to split its retail2 operations from its wholesale3(批發的,大規模的) network.

The government says this would help in the roll-out of a national broadband network worth A$43bn ($30bn, £20.9bn).

The government has been warning of a major regulatory(管理的,控制的) shakeup of the telcoms industry.

"It is the government's clear desire for Telstra to structurally4 separate, on a voluntary and cooperative basis," said Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Telstra has not yet responded to the demand.

Cable tangle5

Telstra was a state-owned monopoly(壟斷專利) before it went mostly private in 2006.

It owns the country's aging copper6 telecommunications network.

This could be made redundant7(多余的) as the government pursues its plan for super-fast broadband across the country.

Roll-out of this new network would go faster if existing telecommunications providers folded into it.

Legislation underpinning8 the network was unveiled by Mr Conroy and is to be submitted to parliament.

It gives stronger powers to Australia's competition watchdog and bars Telstra from additional wireless9 spectrum10(光譜,范圍) until separation is completed.

The plans will also force Telstra to sell off its cable network and interests in pay TV arm Foxtel, and prevent it from acquiring additional mobile spectrum.

Telstra shares slumped11 shortly after the announcement.

Profits drop

Last month, the new chief executive of Telstra, David Thodey, downgraded earnings12 targets despite a 10% rise in profits over the year to June.

Telstra's mobile operations have been doing well but profits on fixed line business is dropping.

Mr Thodey said in August that Telstra was "engaging constructively13" with Canberra on the new nationwide network plan.

But he added that Telstra also had a duty to look after shareholders14.


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